Homosexuality in Christianity: Christians SHOULD treat homosexuals as equals, but should realize God did not intend for people to be homosexual.

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Christians generally tend to fall on one of two views on the issue of homosexuality. There is the liberal view, people who accept homosexuality, and believe it is not a problem. Then there are the more traditional, conservative views which, believe that homosexuality is wrong. The ideal response to this issue would be a mix. One, I believe, that does not condemn, because God has asked us to not condemn others, and yet realize that God meant us to have solely monogamous heterosexual activity. Even someone with a homosexual orientation can refrain from sin, like homosexual behaviour That is one reason why heterosexual men are scared to be with a homosexual person: they tend to be under the impression that all homosexual men will try to sleep with them, and take an aggressively ant-gay stance. [Durksen]

Homosexual orientation is often not a choice, and for some Christians, this point is crucial to their position, believing that it should be accepted according to Galatians 3:28.

Many liberal Christians argue that if the orientation is not a choice then it is part of God's design for humans and therefore the act of two men or women loving one another must also be part of that plan. That is why we should not condemn those who have homosexual orientation, because it God calls to treat others equally, and if the orientation is wrong, then God would not have wove it into creation. [Boswell]

However, it could be argued that a man who looks lustfully at another man, because of a homosexual orientation, has already committed homosexual behaviour in his heart, which has been called a sin in the Bible. Notice the distinction between the orientation and the actual act. For instance, in Matthew 5:28, Jesus condemns adulterous sexual desires even if they...