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This paper is about a group of Native Americans known as the Hopi who live in the northeastern region of Arizona. The Hopi Indians are a unique tribe because of their culture and extremely old society. The Hopi are direct descendants of the Anasazi, A group of pueblo Indians. "The Hopi name comes from "hopituh Shi-nu-mu", meaning" the peaceful people." This paper will be divided into two main sections, Contemporary and Historical. These main sections will have several subsections that will describe certain aspects of the Hopi. These sections may overlap because the Hopi are deeply religious and their beliefs have great influence on their everyday activities. The Hopi lands are divided into three mesas on which the Hopi live.


Religion and Religious issues

The Hopi are a very religious people and a very traditional one as well. The knowledge of their people is passed on through a strong oral tradition and through ceremonial dances.

Each story has many levels to it. The stories are learned as children and deeper understanding of the story comes with age. The Hopi believe that everything runs in cycles, and that we are all connected to "the Great Spirit". The Hopi are primarily an agriculture society so many of their religious ceremonies have to do with the seasons and the rains. "We practice our religion with different ceremonies throughout the year which are timed according to phases of the moon and solstices of the sun."

The Hopi religion begins with the Emergence Story. This is only a brief summary of the Emergence Story. The Hopi believe that everything has its different phases as it moves though its cycle. The way we all live now is what the Hopi call the fourth way of life. The Hopis emerged from the third way when the...