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Shift with confidence HP Mainframe Alternative Migration Services


Brochure | HP Mainframe Alternative Migration Services

The move to a low-cost, high-agility environment In the last few years, many organizations have started to move large, mission-critical workloads away from mainframes to open systems. The reason for the migration is that IT departments are under pressure to adapt to future business needs by cutting operational costs and increasing the agility to roll out new services and systems quickly and cost-effectively. And this can only be achieved by simplifying the environment, improving TCO, and reducing dependency on legacy technologies-all of which can be addressed by migrating to an open systems environment.

Many organizations have made the move to open systems, migrating mission-critical workloads to Intel®-based servers with the help of HP. The migrations involved partial or full replacement of the mainframe environment with HP infrastructure. Among these organizations, while most expect to reduce TCO by more than 50 percent, some may achieve more than 70 percent TCO savings.1 By migrating to an open systems environment, you can also take advantage of different pricing models for cloud solutions and increased efficiency through data center standardization, which we can support with additional services and infrastructure.

Rely on HP support at every step As legacy mainframe environments support mainly business-critical applications, you can rely on HP migration experts-with over a decade of experience-to help ensure business continuity throughout the migration process. We've designed the Mainframe Alternative (MFA) methodology, combining proven processes and tools. The methodology offers four key services: Mainframe Migration Business Case (BCS), Mainframe Migration Roadmap Analysis (MRA), Mainframe Migration Design and Planning (DAP), and Mainframe Migration Implementation (MIS). These services make up the MFA Migration Services portfolio and span the entire scope of the migration.

• BCS: If you're considering a migration...