HTML vs WYSIWYG Comparison/Contrast Essay Needed to be 700-900 words with appropriate citations.

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In the world of web design, one of the most basic tools necessary is a platform to create the actual page. This involves a series of complicated codes, which may stretch dozens of pages. Web designers tend to have a preference; some prefer to hand-code, and others use a program that will do it automatically. These programs, such as Microsoft Frontpage or Adobe Dreamweaver are also known as WYSIWYG (pronounced wis-ee-wig) or "What you see is what you get." When hand-coding, any text editor will suffice, for example, Notepad. The main differences between the two are each programs ease of use, the time each will take to complete the job, and the price.

When hand-coding, open any basic text editor and manually enter all codes to create the "skeleton" for a web page. Depending on the detail on the page, the contents and the size, this could be a relatively simple process or it could be quite difficult.

However, there isn't a program to learn or special buttons to push. Simply type the code and save it as an HTML file. While it is a straightforward method to use, it doesn't have the benefits of most WYSIWYG programs when it comes to proofing the coding. One must know HTML code well and be able to find any errors that may have made by trial and error. Once the code is typed and saved, it must be viewed in a web browser to see the finished result. It is very easy to add an extra tag or forget to close a tag which can produce unwanted results. On the other hand, with a WYSIWIG program, the information can be entered easily, without knowing HTML code. When adding graphics there is a button to click. Type can be dragged and moved to...