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You are Twain. Create a paragraph that begins: "The basic problem with the human race is … " Use Examples from FINN and the present! "The basic problem with the human race is everything!" The human race is a compilation of many people who throughout history has not improved its integrity. Though, we have made many major accomplishes throughout history we are still dumfounded by the many mistakes of our past. For example, of the stupidity of society today, is how the people were so gullible to allow the criminals like the King and Duke to scam them. I made it so apparent that a child could figure there was a scam going on. That is true today in society as well, with the new tragic deaths of the students in Littleton, Colorado. There two kids, and kids who wrote about and planned for over a year to kill many students and teachers.

Those writings you would think would come out. If not the writings, then the pipes, scopes, and shotguns just sitting around the house. That is where the parents of these kids are the problem of the human race. Another example I showed through the book was in the stupidity of many people in the south who treated blacks as dogs. They sold, bought, lynched, and murdered many thousands of African American people. Not even thinking that the blacks had feelings, hopes, and dreams just as they did. We sold them like a car or food at the market. Like when the King sold Jim to the Phelps Plantation for forty dollars. He traveled with Jim for so long, just to sell him like "that". Even when they sold the slaves and Huck told them that the money was with the slaves, I tried to show there how money is so important to people, then and now. I tried to portray through humor and mockery of the human race. I tried to show that even the solidified Christians in the south still would sell and render a slave for keeping. Though, in reality, that is the opposite of what being a Christian is all about. In all, through our society committing such frightful crimes and by peoples stupidity to stop them our society will forever be tainted by the past and relief does not seem to be coming in the near future. This just proves my statement that "The basic problem with the human race is everything!"