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The Huffman Trucking Intranet critical to the business of Huffman Trucking. An intranet is a private computer network that uses internet technology to share an organization's information or operational systems securely with its employees. Huffman trucking is a national transportation company with 1,400 employees at logistical hubs located in Los Angeles, California, St. Louis, Missouri, and Bayonne, New Jersey. Its central maintenance facility is in Cleveland, Ohio and is responsible for maintaining its 800 road tractors. The company expects to earn revenues during fiscal year 2004 in excess of $600,000,000. The Huffman Trucking mission is to be a profitable, growing, adaptive company in an intensively competitive logistical services business environment. Their Intranet is the Hub of the entire operation.

Developments in technology like computers, satellite communication, and the internet, have led the way too many improvements in the trucking industry. Because of government regulation on truck weight and size, productivity increases in the industry comes from two sources; keeps trucks moving and loaded.

The internet enables shippers to advertise loads and get bids directly from carriers. This development has increased productivity, efficiency and saved the time of drivers.sBy design and necessity, Huffman Finance and Accounting Systems are tightly integrated with the Fleet Maintenance System and the Enterprise Transportation Application via the Intranet. The Fleet Maintenance System is integrated to capture financial and accounting data/information relative to Maintenance cost, Fuel management/cost, Warranty management, Materials inventory management and Fixed assets. The Enterprise Transportation Systems is also integrated to capture financial and accounting data/information relative to Fuel Tax reporting, Revenue analysis, Driver management, Claims, Collections, Licensing costs, Driver payroll, Freight Billing, Imagining, Interline Payables and Insurance.

Huffman's marketing department is headquartered in Cleveland and is focused on sales support, customer support, product and service development, and market research. Huffman makes decisions...