Human Cloning is it ethical?

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The things I will be covering:

1. What is cloning?

2. The meaning of Ethical

3. A brief history leading up to the current day developments.

4. The different types of cloning methods used

5. How cloning is actually achieved

6. Advantages

7. The possible problems that could occur

8. A summary

9. And finally a conclusion

My main aim in this essay is to let you know exactly what cloning is and also how it could affect you, personally. As in the future it could be a part of everyone's everyday life, as I am sure many of you can quite easily believe. This being due to the great number of good things that could come of it. I will be going into these advantages in more depth shortly.

But before I go into the any great detail of this subject lets just go back to the title of this essay 'Human Cloning is it Ethical?'

There is 2 key words there - Cloning and Ethical, I will now give you the definitions of both, ensuring no confusion.

Cloning - It is 'The production of one or more individual plants or animals that are genetically identical to another plant or animal.'

Ethical - It is the science of morals, that branch of philosophy, which is concerned with human character and conduct - the rules of behavior.

Now everyone has an idea of what I am going to be talking about I will now give a brief insight into the history into how cloning began and developed to the stage it is at today.

The first major step leading up to the present day began in the year of 1950 when the first artificial fertilization was accomplished. This was done by taking the sperm from a male cow and...