Human Relations Movement and Scientific Management

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This essay will discuss the application of two schools of management thought which are Human Relations Movement and Scientific Management to improve effectiveness at a clothes store in Hong Kong. In particular, the profitably and work efficiency will be considered. This essay is in 3 sections. The first section will provide a briefly description of the clothes store. The second section will talk about the management thought of Human Relations Movement and discuss how well it will be fit in this business to improve the effectiveness. Lastly, the third section will discuss how to improve the business effectiveness relative to the management thought of Scientific Management.

The clothes store which I am going to talk about is a small store located at a shopping mall in Hong Kong. The main customer of the clothes store is young people. This is one of the three stores that the boss own, so the boss does not work in the store.

He employs three full time staffs in this store. One of them is the leader whose main job is financial. The leader also helps and teaches the other two staffs to sell the clothes. The boss visits this store once a week to know the performance of the staffs. There are clear rules and satisfied wages for the staffs. This is a fine business and it can make profit in most of the time. However, there's still some aspects in management should be improved in this clothes store.

"Psychology is important, because it is a science that focuses upon individual employee motivation and learning" (Stanley, 2004 p.12). For a small clothes store like this, the mood of the seller is important to the sales of the clothes. A motive and nice seller can always make the customer happy to...