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This study was done to find out how a job promotional activities in a company are practiced. Is the promotional decision done based on seniority of the employees or their competency level? This study will also show the expected outcomes of promotions that was based on the two factors.

Most of young and fresh employees of every organizations can be considered as very talented. Often their work and performance is noticed by others because these young employees are very eager to prove that they can master the tasks that are assigned to them. Most chances are, they are assigned to some basic level of tasks that no one else especially the seniors in the organization wants to do.

In a recent survey done from one of the highest reputation organization in Malaysia and in the entertainment industry, 55% of the employees which are mostly from the Executives level, believed that seniority should be promoted first over these competent young and fresh people.

Rewarding strategy may reinforce an organization culture desired. Increment of salary are usually based on employees' length of service and time spent on specific jobs. It is mostly agreed that seniority-based promotion is a good motivator in employees' retention, however, this do not award performance.

Traditionally, human resource management stresses that "humans" are the most important entities or resources in the organization and it is essential they are properly managed. Stimulation of their potential is also highly important. In a basic practice of human resource, after the appropriate manpower has been selected, the organization should arrange for suitable positions referring to the promotion system, in order for these selected manpower to contribute. Promotion system acts the role as "catalyst" and it can successfully transform its "resources" into "outcomes".

Employee promotion's criteria or factors are very critical in...