Human Resource Managment how HRM apply to any company

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Executive summary 3

Swot analysis 4

Structure & culture 8

Resource & labour 17

Teamwork & leadership 20

empowerment 25

Training & development 27

coaching & mentoring 31

communication 34

Performance & motivation 38

Quality management 42

Management of change of plan 44

Conclusion/recommendation 49

References 51

Bibliography 52

Appendixes / Case studies 53


Carlux car company (CCC) is a subsidiary of one of the world's largest automotive groups. CCC assembles a range of luxury cars, using a programme management system coupled with team-based, just in time manufacturing processes. CCC operates the international quality standards for automotive companies, ISO/TS 16949:2002.

The parent group has just purchased Mercian automotive company (MAC) that makes four models of mid-range cars. The new company is quit close to the main CCC site. Although the products are somewhat different.

This assignment is about the MAC which has been in business for many years and has a large number of loyal customers.

The brand name is well-known throughout the world but the reputation is declining because of the relatively high price and poor reliability. In resent years, the company has been seriously under capitalised.

The problems that have been occurred are:

At Mac, the workforce has been challenged by uncertainty about future jobs.

The relationship between managers and workers is weak and several attempts to introduce new forms of organisation have failed.

Most people believe that the systems for communications are poor and news is often published in the local newspaper before it is announced to employees.

The company has certification for ISO 9000:2000 but not for ISO/TS practice most people threat quality management as a nuisance, especially senior managers.

Operations managers and personnel managers share senior management's commitment to extend team working and employee empowerment into all areas.