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Have you ever experienced the humanities program? I had the opportunity to live in Spain which gave me amazing opportunities. Getting though high school can be hard, or it can be great. In high school, I had my secondary group which was the humanities program and my primary group which was my six closest friends who helped me to have the best years of high school.

Having the experience to enjoy the humanities programs and all the activities with my friends was priceless. Although there were at least twenty five students in the class, I got close with six of them. Anita, Maria, Laury, Dani, Blanca, and Mabel had every single class with me; that is why we became amazing friends. The humanities program consisted by the language section and the arts section. With the Greek class, we always went to museums and to the cinema. For example, I remember one time we wanted to go to see a movie with the class, but one of the prerequisites was to get a hundred on a midterm test.

I wanted to go, so my group of friends decided to help me study. We studied a lot. If I didn't understand something, they explained it. At the end, we did get a hundred on the midterm test, so we went to see Troya as a reward. In order for me to go to the museum, I had to pass the tests. I needed at least an eighty on each test. Even though I loved the humanities programs, the tests in the classes were the hardest part. Therefore, my group of friends decided to spend two days trying to help me study for the tests. We studied nonstop for eight hours each day, but when I did my...