Humans Vs. Animals; How are we different? Discuses the differences between humans and animals

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Over many years anthropologists have been studying many concepts that deals with the past development of animals and humans. Over the years, anthropologists found many differences between the appearance, behavior and mind of humans and animals. Even though, there are many similarities and differences between humans and animals, there were many tasks that humans are able to do over animals. For instance, humans have their opposable thumbs, good eyesight, and also the most important detail is that humans can adapt to almost any environment. As a result, it is an advantage for humans to perform much more tasks then animals.

The opposable thumb is a major feature that humans depend on. It is one of the main feature that makes humans better then animals. Humans use their opposable thumb to do almost everything. For example, peeling an orange, banana or cutting an apple. Without the opposable thumb, it would be hard or maybe impossible for humans to perform such tasks as; using a knife, control, or opening a door with one hand.

Humans would have trouble with lifting, griping, and holding many objects. If humans did not have their two opposable thumbs, then they wouldn't be any different then animals. It is because humans need their opposable thumb, so that they can perform unique tasks that animals aren't able to perform. Most animals have paws instead of fingers. Since most animals don't have fingers, how they eat or carry objects mainly depends on their mouth. However, after killing the bait with their teeth, some animals would use their paws to hold it in place.

There are a wide variety of animals, but most animals aren't able to see as well as humans. All humans have the ability to see color and depth clearly, unless...