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Mayorga 2

Christian Mayorga

Professor Ali

ENC-1101, 102

October 14, 2014

Thinking about a place that I would like to return, one clear image comes to mind, a notoriously dirty wall, smudgy yellow, filled with the aroma of artificial food, and around seven o clock every morning. Why would I pick a dirty wall? When there's such scenery and beautiful assortment of places I could be? But to me it was more then that, it was a second home I could be myself with friends every morning before school. Not only that, but the pure satisfaction of knowing that every morning my favorite location would still stand was very pleasant. In this interesting choice of a location I was able to make friends with new and old friends alike, it was quite the experience.

Feeling at home with friends really helped this place become the memorable place it is. Every morning we would get breakfast, and sit at the wall watching familiar faces that we never got to know, mixed with non-vagrant faces we did know.

Starting with mocking how bad the food was, we would talk about our days, our classes, our lives, understanding each of our conversations alike. All of which are their own pleasant memories on their own. "Calixta, at home, felt no uneasiness for their safety." Just like Calixta in "The Storm.", I also did not feel uneasiness being here. This unconventional place felt like a short term, home per say. Managing to enjoy all these little moments with my friends were what really made me happy. Knowing someday I would never be able to go back to it also played another part in milking it for what it's worth. An unpleasant place with the most pleasant people I'll never forget.

Knowing where it was played...