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During the Cold War era there were three main groups , which were theUSSR,the USA and the Third World.After the collapse of the USSRand the fall of the Berlin War,the world has started to reform it’s newshape.Some scholars have started to develop paradigms regardingthis new world order.One of these scholars is Huntington,who hasdeveloped a paradigm based on cultural similarities anddifferences.He has received many criticisms about his civilizationalparadigm.Skidmore,who is one of these critics finds Huntington’sparadigm ratter invalid and has developed his own idea basedon multicultrilsm.I will introduce these two theories and explain whichparadigm i find more convincing.

According to Huntington ,civilisation is based on culture,religion,ethnicity and language. He thinks that the major source of conflicts isdifferences between cultures. He refers to the world events to support hisidea. He gives examples of Palestinian-Israil and India-Pakistanclashes. Skidmore finds Huntington’s argument inconsistent. He gives theexample of Latin America.

Although Latin America was also a formercolony and although people speak a European language and workshipthe same God,they are not placed in the West. Skidmore thinks thatHuntington dismisses multiculturalism overestimating the role ofculture. In Skidmore’s definition of culture,it is a diverse andcomplex concept. He says that conflicts occur not only at intercivilizational levels but also within culture. Huntington respondsto Skidmore by saying that no paradigm is perfect.

As for the influence of underlying sources shaping the Post ColdWar the Post Cold War era which are modernization,globalization,democreatization.Huntington says that modernizationis not westernisation.A country can be modern keeping its core values.

He gives examples of Japan,Malaysia and Signapore.

He says future economic and political alliances will bedictated by culture. Countires from the same culture will cooperate andbecome trade partners. Huntington believes that democracy is a westernvalue which is incompatible with non-western cultures. When democracyis imposed on such countries,elections are hijacked...