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Huntington's Disease:The topic of my research is Huntington's disease. The source of the article is New York magazine. This article was published on June 16 2008 and is written by Kevin Baker. Huntington disease is a hereditary disease. It is inherited as an autosomal dominant disease which means that the effected off springs have the fifty fifty chance of getting the mutant gene from their parents. It's the disease of brain in which brain cells starts to die and the infected person starts to loose control on voluntary movements and thoughts. In this article the writer talks about his experience with his infected mom and in the end he also talks that he has the fifty percent chance of getting a disease. Kevin says "It was like every part of her personality was being slowly stripped away, layer by layer. The loving, gentle woman my sisters and I had known was being replaced by someone we did not recognize" (1).

It's a generative disease which causes brain cells to die and the person starts to loose control. It's a slow process, may be on the course of 20 to 30 years. He shares with us, what behavioral changes came in his mom due to this disease like she was always restless and could not concentrate and was not able to speak fluently, she had an impaired speech. She was very aggressive and belligerent and now she had started drinking heavily which enhanced the effects. She started to fight and quarrel with everyone who opposed her idea. After that, we bound her to go the neurologist she finally agreed and the test revealed that she was suffering from Huntington's disease.

Kevin describes about the disease, "It's caused by a defective gene that produces a mutant 'Huntington' protein. The...