Hypnotic Language and Its Power

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Hypnotic Language and Its Power

The Magic Carpet of Language

While the material herein addresses hypnotic language, we must first understand that all communication invites the receiver into a trance. Trance, in this text, refers to a narrowing of awareness, attending to a small category of stimuli excluding all other stimuli that differ. Trance and hypnosis will be used interchangeably. Communication occurs through any one of the five senses alone or in combination. Consider the chef who creates a collection of flavors and textures for your palate. If prepared properly by the chef, the taster lapses into a trance filled with delight over the flavors, texture and other parts of the culinary masterpiece. The person eating will want more then and want to come back another time. Even the invitation to partake in the gustatory trance involves trance through the visual and olfactory senses. The foods we choose and the style of foods we prefer come to be so, in part, because they succeed in "trancing" us.

That all communicating involves trance holds true for your other senses. What about the masseuse, the pathway to the intended relief travels through a trance state. You miss the message of the massage if your mind wanders off from the physical sensations to some task or chore you have yet to do. Music induces a trance state with great ease. The composer' ability to induce through music makes or breaks the acceptance by the listener. Music induced trance makes for one of the most popular and easily accessed kind of trances. What about your nose and trances induced through the olfactory sense? Remember perfume and meals cooking, bread baking? Consider the fairly new realm of aromatherapy? This treatment banks on trance inducing ability of scents for improving health and wellbeing. Scents for the...