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  • Good Ideas

    You have some good ideas but i dont agree with you 100%.What about when a girl gets raped, she is afriad of getting pregant and her worst fears come true? Shouldn't she be able to have an abortion?But if it is made illegal then she will never be able to do this.Some people are reckless and do get pregant at the wrong time because they are not reponsible but not all of them.You have some excellent points but it is very generalized.
    • 25/05/2004
    • 22:03:24
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  • Rich or poor?

    Although they may be rich, some of them are not and you have to think how they got there in the first place. All of the popular singers today were once at the bottom of the heap realying on the sales of their CD's to get them money. So when you say it's right of wheather it is wrong you really have to think right back to the start.You have some excellent ideas but expansion would be good and some rock hard evidence as to why is should and why it shouldn't be legal.Well done on a good start!
    • 25/05/2004
    • 21:32:30
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  • Interesting

    I find your resaons for recommending the book very intriging.Though I would like to say that some of your names requiring fixing.The Lord of the Rings is my favorite book of all time.Excellent thoughts.
    • 23/05/2004
    • 02:07:46
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  • Excellent!

    Well written! Some thought provoking questions, though some answers would have been nice. Excellent effort!
    • 23/05/2004
    • 02:01:19
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  • Hard

    i did not completly understand where you are going. I become very confused.
    • 10/05/2004
    • 06:32:09
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  • Interesting

    I find this a very biased account of why kids drop out of school. I am in year 11 and last year half my grade dropped out, it was not due to lazyness but the fact that they knew they would not be able to cope with the work load that senior schooling requires. Some people can not cope with school because of the environment they live in but it doesn't necessary equate with lazyness.I like the ideas presented but try to show all sides. Excellent try though.
    • 08/05/2004
    • 17:38:49
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  • Interesting

    You have written about why you would like to have this job but not exactly what you would bring to the company. The only point where you speak about your qualifications as such is in the last paragraph. You need to include more about your self.One thing I have learnt also is that when applying for a job NEVER mention how much you are going to earn.A good effort.
    • 03/05/2004
    • 02:07:07
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  • Excellent!

    You have some excellent points here and it is extremly well researched. The fact that there is a pill available for medical purposes does eradicate the need to legalise the drug. Well done on a great effort!
    • 28/04/2004
    • 05:59:18
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