Area of Study - Change 'I feel like a new person." Write an imaginative recount describing the events leading up to this claim.

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I feel like a new person. Just yesterday I was a nobody and not one person would pay any attention to me. Now today I'm a star. I will no longer be looked upon with scorn and dismissed with a shake of the head. Now people look at me with admiration and its I doing the dismissing not somebody else.

Yesterday I lived on the street, a cardboard box was my home and a dirty moth eaten piece of rotting cloth was my bed. I ate out of garbage bins competing with the rats. Holy, patchy, grey pants that were ten sizes too big and let the wind in no matter what I did, kept me a little bit warm. A once white, now grey singlet top, the only thing I can actually say I owned, clothed my upper torso and the final item which adorned me was a green jumper with innumerable patches.

These were my clothes.

I lived on the street, not knowing where tomorrow would led me, not knowing if I would eat, not knowing if, my some miracle I would die. It's really not a good life, a life a am glad I left.

My luck changed. I am one of the very few people who can say that their life has completely been changed in one day. Yes, a period of twenty four hour's, changed my life literally from rags to riches. Well in all truth just one intimate, blissful moment of pain and then nothing.

No more dirt, I am clean now, no more holey, oversized items of discarded clothing, now I wear designer labels, I have a shower or a bath every night, sometimes twice a day. I now sleep in a large, soft, comfy, king sized bed, with all the blankets I...