Bullies in the School Yard.

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You're fat! You're ugly! Your skinny! You stink! Your Hopeless!

How many times have you heard this said to someone you know or even to yourself? Maybe it's just been to tease and not really meant to hurt.

You know - "just kidding" this type of behavior may have been tolerated in the past but No longer. You may think that just because your children you don't have to follow the rules and you can tease and call your peers anything you like - WRONG - SCHOOLYARD BULLIES will no longer be tolerated. In my school to be cruel by word of mouth or action is upon very seriously And punishments are incurred.

These days it is considered political incorrect to call many thinks what they were called for years. Sometimes political incorrectness is tolerated with COMEDIANS doing an act but not always they have to be very careful not to offend certain sections of the community.

In other words it's all right to laugh at your self but not at anyone else.

When I was very small my mother used to play. E.M.M.M. catch a "nigger" by the toe if he squeals let him go E.M.M.M. She was taught this little ditty be her grandmother who played it with her.

Now it is totally unacceptable to say "nigger" in this verse. She has had to re-teach her self to say catch a "person" by the toe. Somehow it just doesn't have the same ring.

Policewomen are no longer policewomen they are all police persons. There are no more actresses they are all actors. Are seamen, sea persons, or sea people?

Can you still call the army "men"

Chairmen and chairwoman are a thing of the past they are all chairpersons.

What about Mary, Mary quite contrary?...