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Stay-at-home parents provide a better foundation in early childhood.

Children who grow in childcare are deprived of time sensitive experiences that only their parents can provide.

I. Returning Trends A. Increase in Stay-At-Home Parents B. The value of raising your own child.

II. Factors and benefits A. Expense versus Cost B. Who is raising your Child? C. Ultimate cost and responsibility Staying at home is a fast growing trend in America during the 1990's census shows that over 60 percent of children under age 5 are cared for by either one of their parents. Coupled with active participation in children's schools and homework, staying at home with your kids will return better grades.

Few families need dual income to support the household, this is a fact often overlooked by those who are considering staying at home. When combined, the costs of staying employed, and paying for childcare, would easily exceed the cost of staying at home.

Losing out on retirement and pension plans, are often the main reasons for parents' continued employment. What is overlooked is that financial stability and a secure future could be accommodated in a prenuptial agreement. This would provide for the parent choosing to stay at home.

When choosing income over the future of our children, parents are effectively robbing children of a better education, and a bright future. A family legacy can be founded in the early childhood years. Fostering good study habits, being involved and instilling one's own family values will be a priceless family heirloom.

Families, who choose childcare over stay-at-home, are in fact leaving their children's future to chance. Childcare providers are often overworked and underpaid, this will not allow for the required attention of a single child. A child requires custom attention and one-to-one time when studying and doing homework.