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Melena GillihanUniversity of PhoenixSpecial PopulationsSpecial populations refers to a group of individuals who can be described as people, who have disabilities, come from economically challenged families, single parents, displaced homemakers, and have educational barriers including limited English proficiencies (Texas Collaborative for Teaching Excellence, 2002-2003). In the human service field, special populations can mean a number of things, for example, spinal bifida, autism, cerebral palsy, ADHD/ADD, Down syndrome and more.

I have done some research on a variety of special populations, majority of the research specializing on three special populations; individuals with HIV/AIDS, adults with cancer and children with special needs. It was a tough choice choosing just one to write about, however, I have chosen children with special needs for reason that I believe children need individuals to help speak for them in order to give them the best future.

The reason I have an interest in children with special needs is the fact that I love being around children.

I have been in the child care industry for over 10 years and have seen how some parents struggle with their children since they do not know what kind of resources are available to them. I would love to be a case manager for children with special needs and their families where I can go around to different child care centers, schools, and churches to offer my assistance. Many parents with children need help but do not know where to turn to for assistance.

As a case manager, I will be able to bring such things as patience, guidance, a caring heart, determination, and experience with children to this field, which children with special needs and their families can benefit from. Having a background in child care has provided me with knowledge of how to deal with children, how to...