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It was a dreary rainy afternoon; Kristen and Katie were over at my house playing when Katie broke the bad news to us. She told us that her mom was going to have triplets and since their house was not large enough they would have to move across town to a larger house. We were startled! We have been best friends and neighbors since we were babies and we were not going to be separated now.

Katie's parents found the perfect house across town that they thought would be big enough for their family. They thought that it would be the perfect house to raise their family in, but they really wanted the Stuart's house, a house down the street. If the Stuart's house went up for sale they would definitely buy it.

Katie and I were so upset. We kept on begging Katie's parents to talk to the Stuart's about selling their house.

They thought that the Stuart's were not ready to sell. Little did they know that the Stuart's had been quietly talking about selling their home.

Later on during that week Katie's parents were talking to the Stuart's about their move. The Stuart's mentioned that they wanted to move to a smaller house somewhere in the neighborhood. Their kids were off at college and they didn't need that much room anymore. When Mr. and Mrs. Hughes heard this they told the Stuarts that they wanted to buy their house, and that they could buy their house. In other words buy eachother's house. The Stuart's loved the idea and they both got the house that they wanted. Katie called me as soon as they told her the wonderful news. She was very cheerful and happy. Katie and I had a tea party with our beanie babies to celebrate...