Peer Pressure ,The ultimate downfall

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College experiences can change the habits and views of almost anybody. These experiences are not like any you have ever had before. Many problems occur during this process of adjustment. One in particular, causes great turmoil among many students. This is known as peer pressure. Peer pressure can take any person and change his or her views towards life, usually for the worse.

All types of peer pressure are essentially the same, they just occurs in different forms and situations. It is most often seen in the dorms and within fraternities or sororities.

Peer pressure in the dorms can cause an individual to stray from homework and productive activities. Productive activities could include involvement of campus organizations or getting a job. Dorm life influences many people to sit around in rooms and do absolutely nothing productive unless it involves conquering video games. Most teenagers find it easier to fall into bad habits than spend their time doing something worthwhile.

These habits can range anywhere from smoking cigarettes and being lazy to experimenting with alcohol and drugs. Once involved with these habits, it becomes very hard to stop them.

There are not very many ways to stop these activities from happening. However, informational meetings could be held by school officials at the beginning of each semester to properly educate students. If students could be warned of the negative effects of peer pressure and given advice on how to cope with it, many of them would not be coerced into the trap of the less-motivated. Those who encourage drugs and alcohol usually try to acquire new people to join them on their track to nowhere.

Sororities and fraternities are a great way to meet new people and acquire new friends upon entering college. However, both can attribute to many college...