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One of the greatest things that teenagers look forward to is getting their driver¡¦s licence and getting the freedom to do whatever they want. Ever since graduated licensing began five years ago, on April 1,1994, many people have made good and bad comments about it.

The government has recently said that ever since graduated licensing started, there have been fewer accidents involving young drivers. Looking at it another way, it costs consumers less money, beacause fewer cars need to be repair. By having graduated licensing , there are fewer unexperienced young drivers on our roads. Also, insurance companies are a lot happier because they don¡¦t suffer too much by having to pay out claims. If there are complications in getting a licence, then fewer people will take the test. They might consider taking public transportation, which is a very good thing to do for our environment.

On the other hand, ever since graduated licensing began, many teenagers and some parents, have started to complain.

The teenagers have said that nowdays getting a licence is too complicated and too strict. They think that it is not fair to them. They thinl graduated licensing is designed to penalize all young drivers, but not every teenagers drives dangerously. Parents also said that fees and driving courses are too expensive, just to get a license. Parents should not complaint about the price of taking driving lessons because those driving lessons will make their children better drivers, which might save their lives later on. Teens also complaint that if they do not have a licens, they find it difficult to get transportation to go to work. They will have to ask their parents to drive them everywhere, which drives the parents nuts.

In responding , one can say that teenagers always complain about the ¡§grown...