Teen driving regulations.

Essay by pglax15 April 2003

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A driver's license to a teen is the symbol of freedom: it means they can go anywhere and do anything and bring anyone. To take one of these rights away is nonsensical. Teenagers should be allowed to drive with other teenagers in the vehicle.

Proponents for teen driving restrictions argue that teens drive dangerously and having passengers in the car only distract them more. Teenagers have enough accidents and teen passengers in these cars only cause more problems. Traffic accidents are the leading cause of death for the 15-20 year-old age group. John Greening is a major supporter of this movement because he lost his son Chris, whom was killed while he was a passenger in a teen car. In his home state of Wisconsin, the number of teen deaths due to traffic accidents dropped after the restrictions were put in place. This is a very good point for one to argue but it's not about stats, it's about the responsibility of the driver.

The driver's license is a privilege not a right. The first crackdown has to be with the testing not the teen drivers. If the test would be made more difficult then we would have less irresponsible drivers on the road. Today's driving tests are a joke. Many experienced driving instructors complain about the simplicity of the testing. There have already been restrictions put on teen drivers in Pennsylvania. The law is that there are to be no more passengers than the number of seatbelts. There is also the six-month period between permit to license, which is quite a long time to wait for one's symbol of freedom. Also, other classes of drivers that drive as poorly as teens, yet there are no laws restricting them, is there? You cannot punish a group because of a...