Curfews, and other Limits

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Many Parents set up rules, and other boundaries in which their teens must follow. These rules are

usually placed over their teens to control, protect, and teach their teen. Even though most parents mean

well, and some rules are necessary it's easy to overwhelm teens with regulations.

First of all teens are not going to follow all of the rules, and secondly there are some things that

certain teens will not do with, or without a specific rule on that subject. For example, there are many teens

who would never use drugs, but by placing a rule on this, the teen might not feel trust worthy, and might be

more likely to try drugs. This is not always the case though, some teens need every rule stated, or they

might test your patients. Parents should remember that they know heir teenager best, and they need to set

rules according to their own teen.

Drugs and other illegal things are often a problem with certain teens, but some teens will never try

drugs. Teenagers will turn to drugs for answers to problems. To avoid having problems with your teen,

spend time with them and talk to them. In dealing with a teen who has taken illegal drugs, you as a parent

need to try to understand why you teen has committed the crime. Only when you understand the child, then

you can give the appropriate punishment. Another important factor in discipline is to make sure that the

teen understands why what they have done is wrong, and show them scripture to explain it. If a child does

not know why what they have done is bad, they will likely do it again.

A parent needs to make sure that their rules do not contradict each other. It is easy to...