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s a good holiday because students get a vacation from school. While not in school, students have no homework. That really helps to make the holidays more enjoyable. With no school, students have no re ...

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High School vs. College

l still have to get up for class every morning and be expected to spend time outside of class doing homework. Students will also see that they will still have a busy schedule every day in college just ... a student will have. When in high school and living at home, parents were always there to make sure homework was done, their kids made it to class every day and were home in time for curfew. When stud ...

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s of use.Another place where injustices occur is at school. Budging in the lunch-line, pop quizzes, homework, detentions, and cheating are just a few of the complaints that occur at school.Budging, wh ...

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The College Experience

llege. Not only was it totally different from high school in relation to the content of classes and homework, but it was also completely different from my home life. I was living on my own, with new s ... re difficult than high school courses. The big difference is that in college I have to do all of my homework outside of class. There's no study hall in college. I have to take it upon myself to get to ...

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The challenge of writing an essay

air projects so that I would have time to experiment and collect data. I have also used it in doing homework so that I would have time to be with my friends while maintaining good grades in school. Wi ...

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Peer Pressure ,The ultimate downfall

within fraternities or sororities.Peer pressure in the dorms can cause an individual to stray from homework and productive activities. Productive activities could include involvement of campus organi ...

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Imagination is the Highest Kite One can Fly

educational classes from home using his voice-activated computer. He sometimes asks me to type his homework, to-date he is an A student. I have become his best friend and I have enjoyed talking to hi ...

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Revenge of the hacker

e job and was often content with getting good grades on tests and paying no attention whatsoever to homework. Although everyone in school thought they knew just about everything thing about the life o ...

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Essay On Starting college

be able to work, spend time with friends/ girl friend, and go to school. I would be overloaded with homework all week from my classes that I wouldn't have time for anything else, my life would be just ... ust school.With all this home work I thought to my self "Would the teachers just lecture and assign homework from their lecture, and not help you out and just expect it done?", so with all this homewo ...

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So...Now I'm A Senior...What being a Senior means to me.

ree this year and they are definitely the hardest classes I have ever had. We have to make sure our homework is done. I have at least 2 hours of homework every night.We also have to make sure we keep ... every day after school and weekends. It is very tough. Especially when all of our teachers give us homework on the same night and we are up until one or two in the morning trying to get it done. And ...

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A letter toward a committee of some sort emphasizing the importance of the computer to a student.

nal life. Primarily, a computer has made education for the better. A computer is efficient in doing homework and other miscellaneous tasks. For example, writing essays can be done half as fast. The ho ... he author. In the internet I can get online help. Websites like has helped me on my homework. There's many websites on the internet were they can help on homework, I visit math website ...

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"Cheating in School: Is it Right?"

forms of cheating used today in school. Some examples know today include copying a fellow student's homework, copying answers off someone's test, writing test questions down for another student. One o ...

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Sleeping habits.

extra tired. His focus in class will decrease; his punctuality will be in affect and same with his homework abilities. The student won't be 100% focused on the day.Evidence shows that adults who don' ...

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"Your homework is due on Friday" my first grade teacher would explain."Well it's only Monday, I'll do it l ...

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Response to Lois Tilden's "Sleep, My Little One." A response to a short science fiction story about a world that never sleeps - literally - and the probility of such a future.

ery other activity imaginable. The thought of people turning off their children's sleep in order to homework or work harder doesn't take much imagination. In fact, such isn't far from life today, wher ... most importantly, sleep.Also, the thought of people turning off sleep in order to work longer or do homework isn't too outrageous either. Many parents also give each other a kiss as they run past each ...

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In many ways, Television has proved to be one of the worst inventions of modern times. All too often, Television is harmful because of the shows it broadcasts and the way it is used in the home

scores on standardized tests. The more time spent in front of a television, the less time spent on homework or had stimulating interactions with adults or other children, "On average, children aged 2 ...

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Essay to describe a character: A Less-than-perfect Day

figure sat on the bench in the cafeteria, leafing through her notebook. Naomi was trying to do her homework for the day, before she had to attend her after-school activity.Looking at her notebook, Na ... he had to attend her after-school activity.Looking at her notebook, Naomi realized she had a lot of homework that day. She had to write her English composition, study for the fractions test three days ...

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Reasons teenagers should not be allowed to work.

l events in accordance with a work schedule, hours of school followed by hours of work and hours of homework may be overwhelming for high school students. All of this considered, a student will sacrif ...

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g with my classmates, laughing, joking, making new friends.I would reach home around 3pm, finish my homework, play my favorite games on my computer, doing everything I could possibly desire in life.Ev ...

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Changing the number of days in a school week.

class would give us time to study, work on assignments, and/or ask teachers for help on a lesson or homework. On our day off we could do many things such as do homework, go to school and get tutored, ...

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