Imagination is the Highest Kite One can Fly

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My family has a very close friend, named Alex Wannamaker who was born with a severely damaged central nervous system. This birth defect has left him somewhat paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair. Alex was limited to doing basic daily activities with the help of others. Alex is able to take educational classes from home using his voice-activated computer. He sometimes asks me to type his homework, to-date he is an A student. I have become his best friend and I have enjoyed talking to him on many different subjects.

One day Alex asked me to help him with flying a kite. I must have looked somewhat surprised and startled with this simple request, because kite flying is one of those things I take for granted. So I asked him why. To my chagrin, he replied "imagination is the highest kite one can fly.' Alex added:

· There is no limit to your imagination or how high you fly your kite.

· As long as there is string you can fly a kite

· Kites, like imagination can come in different sizes and shapes

· With imagination you can get the soaring feeling of flying a kite in the sky

I bought a box crate kite, a Japanese fighting kite, and a special Disney character kite and lots of string. The day I took Alex to the park was bright and clear, not a cloud in the sky. I put the Disney kite together first and got it soaring into the sky, then tied the string to his wheelchair. I saw a small smile on Alex's face. :) Next I had a little difficulty putting the box crate kite together and getting it to fly because I've never flown this type of kite. It was a challenge for me, but...