A letter toward a committee of some sort emphasizing the importance of the computer to a student.

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To whom it may concern,

I've been informed that the committee is putting together a collection of objects that will represent American life today. One object that may be considered is the computer. The computer is clearly one of the most exciting, as well one of the most important, technological development in modern age. Two of its greatest factors are the internet and CD-ROMS. The computer is educational, entertaining, and a big part of today's economy.

The computer has become a central component in a student's educational life. Primarily, a computer has made education for the better. A computer is efficient in doing homework and other miscellaneous tasks. For example, writing essays can be done half as fast. The horrible proofreading procedure can be as easy as clicking the mouse. The computer has also made education more attractive. For instance, the imac computer can be found in seven different colors.

In the same way, fonts can be changed into a more attractive lettering. Secondly, the internet, which is used on a computer, hastens many educational projects. I can do research on almost anything I may need. Such as books, in my case The Separate Peace. I can find information about the characters, plot, themes, and info on the author. In the internet I can get online help. Websites like tutornation.com has helped me on my homework. There's many websites on the internet were they can help on homework, I visit math websites the most. Chatting with friends and other people that answer questions is very helpful. Finally, another educational factor is CD-ROMS. Last year alone $424 million educational CD-ROMS were purchased. Encyclopedia CD-ROMS are always helpful if the person does not have access to the internet. Other various CD-ROMS, like foreign languages, math, and history, can be...