Changing the number of days in a school week.

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Education is important, but our time is also important. This is exactly why we should have a four-day week in our district. Our education is important and in a four-day week each day would consist of more hours and because our time is important we would get in extra day off. Money is also important and with a four-day week the schools save money. Lastly, test grades were shown to rise.

First of all, we would have more time in each day at school. In a four-day week the total amount of hours that we spend school would total up to 1122 hours. In a five day week the total hours would amount to 1100 hours. This extra time in class would give us time to study, work on assignments, and/or ask teachers for help on a lesson or homework. On our day off we could do many things such as do homework, go to school and get tutored, or go to out-of-school extra-curricular activities.

Also the schools could save extra money and use it for new textbooks or improving our school's lunches or sidewalks. According to EducationWorld, schools in Arkansas started on the four-day week plan because of a shortage in state funding. This plan saves money because the schools do not have to pay for electric, heating, water, or extra help on the day off. Also, the schools and taxpayers would not have to pay for transportation, i.e. buses, to and from the school on the day off. Lastly, we wouldn't have to pay for lunch service which could save the kids' and parents' money.

Last but not least, test scores will rise. Again, according to EducationWorld, teachers could address more questions during class and the students could better understand the assignment and/or lesson. Test scores also rose...