"Abortion Should Be Illegal" Why should abortion be illegal in the US? This is a persuasive essay, which provides reasons why abortion is wrong and why it should be illegal.

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What would you do if you were a 15 year old girl who got pregnant? Would you keep the baby or would you have an abortion? These are all questions that go through most girls minds, pregnant or not. Abortion is killing a human, even though it isn't born, and it should be illegal in the United States.

Even though it is a fetus, it is still living. It has every right to live. People say that just because it isn't born it doesn't matter, when really it does. The fetus is still alive and growing. If you kill it, then you kill a living thing, and not just a living thing but your baby, your own child.

Basically, if you think abortion is legal then you are saying that it is okay for you to go kill someone else for something they did to you, or for any other reason.

Many pregnant girls have abortions because they got pregnant by a guy who was just a one-night stand, or because their boyfriend left them after finding out. Think of this: would you kill your baby after it was born if your boyfriend left you then? It is the same thing and it is wrong.

Abortion should be illegal in the United States. If you have sex willingly then you know you have a chance of getting pregnant. There is no way of preventing pregnancy 100%. The only way is to hold off on sex. So if you are scared of getting pregnant and not wanting the baby then don't have sex. You have a responsibility. If you take the responsibilty of having sex and you get pregnant then you have the responsibility of raising your child. If you can't hold off on sex and you get pregnant then you have to live with your mistakes, and there shouldn't be any way out of it.