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Barrio Boy Mexican cities are very poor but the people are extremely kind and giving. To compare and contrast a Mexican town or city is very difficult. Jalco is a very small town in which a migrating Mexican family lived in for a long time in comparison to the length of time they lived in other towns. There was a river, farm animals, and always allot of work to be done. Tepic was another Mexican city that the family migrated to in fear of poverty. There was not much free space and they lived in dormitory like structures. And very little work. Jalco and Tepic are very similar and very different, but in the way of living and raising a family in each are very complex.

In Jalco, the woman and young children were privileged with bathing while the men were to busy to take part. In Tepic, a larger community they also bathed, but used bath tubs instead.

in the town things were a little more cramped and no rivers were available. In a town it is generally expected for one to be a little more civilized. Women were specially burdened with the taste, otherwise they were thought of as filthy, and poor. In Jalco, every thing you ate came from something or you grew, butchered, or made yourself. Milk in Jalco was always straight from a cow, you had to go out and acquire it yourself.

In Tepic you bought milk from a milk man in the plaza usually, again in both cities people drink milk. Tepic has a more civilized and profitable way of dispersing their milk, as in Jalco you only milked how much you where going to drink.

In the very small town of Jalco most meals consisted of tortillas, beans, chicken, milk, eggs,