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Are you good, or are you evil? You, like most people, cannot simply be described as good or evil because there is likely both inside you. Each of these forces inside you are in a constant battle struggling to get out. In the long run, it is your decision which of these characteristics you show, but it isn't merely a decision, it's a stuggle. Depending on whether you choose good or evil you may or may not lead a fulfilled life. In the end, this affects whether or not you have a fulfilled life. If you lead a good life full of love you will lead a fulfilled life. On the other hand if you lead an evil life of lies and deceit, you will die unfulfilled. The only route to leading a fulfilled life is to lead be a good person. However, being a good person isn't as easy as just attending church on sundays.

Being a good person in this case is defined as being trustworthy, loving, truthful, and understanding.

If you achieve all these characteristics you will live a fulfilled life.

Once you begin to lack in any of these characteristics your life begins to take a downward turn. It is a constant struggle to remain a good person, but a necessary one.

The novel East of Eden, by John Stienbeck, portrays a small town's struggle between good and evil. Many characters decide to go the evil route, and as you will see they live unhappy and unfulfillled lives. On the other hand there are characters who lead lives rich in love and goodness, and they end life content and fulfilled.

As per our definition, being a good person requires you to be trustworthy, truthful, and understanding. One character from the novel that fits these characteristics...