Should George Be Put On Trial For Killing Lennie In Of Mice And Men

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I agree with the statement that George had no right to kill Lenny and should be put on trial for murder. The reason I agree with this statement is because if Lenny was put on trial for murdering Curley's wife, then the jury would realize that he is mentally handicapped and he should be put into a special home, or a mental facility. George took matters into his own hands and did something worse than Lennie by killing him.

Lennie may have looked burly and mean, but he was a kind-hearted soul who never meant any harm to Curley's wife. It was a total accident that he did kill her, because of Lennie's mental state. People would have been able to see his condition very easily, in the way he talked, the way he acted around people, and his child-like behavior. These are reasons as to why he would not have been executed or jailed for his crime, well at least not jailed forever.

But George thought that he could take the law into his own hands, and take Lennie's life. George must have been thinking that the authorities were either going to kill him, lock him up, or that Curley would seek out revenge. This is where George did wrong. He is worse than Lennie for killing him. Even though they were so close and such good friends, for what reason does he have to kill him? George was scared and Lennie was confused, and George should have taken Lennie into the authorities and plead his case.

George would not have known what would have happened to Lennie if he was put on trial. For all he knows, Curley may have forgiven Lennie.

Then George and Lennie could have bought their little house and lived the life they...