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  • I agree

    Abortion should be illegal, it's not a form of birth control. I am a female and i can not imagine anything making me go through with one, i might even keep a child if i was raped, it's not the baby's fault...
    • 12/05/2005
    • 18:12:24
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  • Simpson's rule

    It was a well constructed essay and definately one that sparks the interest in people.
    • 12/05/2005
    • 18:02:36
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  • Hey please don't mess w/ my essay's

    If you liked the suicide essay, give it atleast a yellow face...if you didn't like it tell me why but your comment made no was a opinion paper, i didn't need sources..
    • 12/05/2005
    • 16:37:37
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  • Suggestions

    This was a strong and powerful article but it was a bit scrambled and somewhat all over the place. Besides that it was exremely intresting to read.
    • 11/05/2005
    • 13:39:39
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