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  • Hackers

    First of all, you got the names mixed up. A cracker is the benign version of the hacker. a cracker's sole pursuit is the acquisition of knowledge. a hacker is the one who uses that knowledge for personal gain. you could also have mentioned that because of hackers and crackers, none of the US's nuclear arsenal or strategic information is accessable through the internet...
    • 15/10/2002
    • 11:07:37
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  • Catcher

    perhaps the title is a little misleading. the subject of the essay is more how the book affects your life. like someone else mentioned in one of the other comments, english teachers usually frown upon the usage of first or second person in papers. i think for your grade level that you should start working on this and also start working out what is appropriate content for papers. in higher grades teachers tend to be more conservative about what students put into their essays.
    • 29/07/2002
    • 23:55:48
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  • CP

    very well thought out and formatted, you might want to add that it is actually cheaper to keep people in prison for life than to execute them(some argue that cost is a reason to continue capital punishment)good arguments......
    • 16/07/2002
    • 15:30:32
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  • The big cut

    why mention female circumcision if you are not going to expand on it more? leaving it like it is leaves one rather large loose end. also, the conclusion is rather weak. if you are going to condemn circumcision(or not), you must try to say why, besides that it hurts and keeps people from fully enjoying sex.....good other than that though. thumbs up
    • 16/07/2002
    • 15:23:26
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  • Divorce

    It is good to mention that some kids are better off with their parents divorced. Most problems kids have after their parents get divorced start before the divorce actually takes place. It is also important to mention that the parents should not be bitter toward each other and should be able to remain civil around each other in the childs presence, which would be easy for short periods at a time. Solid paper with good arguments. A few slight grammatical errors (2-3), but nothing that would really detract from the paper....
    • 02/07/2002
    • 10:01:10
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  • Children

    well...first of all, i agree, most problems with kids and even adults start at an early age inside of the home. This paper is very undeveloped, but easily expandable, the resources that can be gained on the subject are quite substantial. Two websites with useful links and materials would be and sites are very helpful and have tons of information and links on the subject.
    • 30/06/2002
    • 18:25:59
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  • Hair snatcher

    a few grammatical and word usage errors. try not to refer to youself in the first peron(me, I) because it tends to take away from the credability and the paper. Try and refine the way you present the list of sypmtons and whatever. organization helps with credibility. with a few tweaks here and there, this would be a much more solid paper. pretty good already though...
    • 26/06/2002
    • 03:06:12
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  • LOF

    Some grammar and spelling changes need to be made. a few good readings would probably do the trick. One thing that might be mentioned is something that may also have driven the boys to kill one of their own, "mob mentality". Also, try not to contradict or second-guess your thesis statement or you conclusion. just present your case and let the readers decide themselves. solid paper though
    • 25/06/2002
    • 17:50:55
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  • Catcher

    entertaining. Two spelling errors and a little much about everyone being crazy, but entertaining. You might want to try and give the story more closure. it seems to be open ended. if that was what you were shooting for, great, but i still think a solid ending is needed to please the masses...
    • 25/06/2002
    • 17:33:52
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  • O Pioneers

    A lot of grammatical errors are evident in this paper. a few other mistakes are evident also. One being that the book clearly states that Ivar is Russian. The indians were already forced off of the land that Alexandra wanted to buy. There are also too many stereotypes present, and they take away almost any credibility the essay had. With some revision and a little more attention to factual detail, this could be a better paper.
    • 25/06/2002
    • 17:27:52
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  • Mummies

    Good continuity. If this was for an english class, you might want to vary you sentence opening a little bit more. "The" doesn't provide too much variety. That would also help with the overall tone of the paper. This paper has a good amount of research put into an easy to read format. You could work on your intro a little more to make it easier to see what you will be talking about, other than that, good paper.
    • 21/06/2002
    • 00:59:29
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  • Big Bang

    it might be worth mentioning that the reason the universe's density doesn't come out right is the existence of dark matter. also the existence of some immeasurable energy source that is speeding up the expansion of the universe. just watch the discovery channel. other than a few grammatical errors and word usage, you might want to clean up your topic sentence or the whole first paragraph. solid paper otherwise...
    • 19/06/2002
    • 23:37:51
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  • Gender Stereotypes

    you must realize that the ad execs use what is proven to work, in essence saying that although most of us do not consider ourselves as the type of people that tend to stereotype others, we are still not at the level that we want to be. you must also realize that these ads may be aimed at older generations. even though young single males and females do laundry, most women in older generations do the laundry. this includes the elderly and yes, even your mother.....
    • 19/06/2002
    • 23:23:14
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  • Memory of War

    Very striking imagery. The language in the beginning could be cleared up a little bit by cutting some of the longer sentences into individual ones. English teachers usually get after people about sentence length, but they are more worried about quality and clarity. The format is a little rough. The ending list would probably look better in some type bulleted or numbered list. Good use of statistics and language, with a little reformatting this paper could pull the same grade in higher level english classes.
    • 19/06/2002
    • 17:49:35
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  • Speed

    Grammar and spelling are probably the biggest problems with this paper. Varying sentence length and beginnings would help with any english teacher. it does not really look like research was really done for this paper, and a few statistics about the addiction rate and how many college students use meth would strengthen the paper a great deal.
    • 17/05/2002
    • 15:43:14
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  • Reconstruction

    It might be worth mentioning that the laws in the south that prevented most blacks from voting were known as "Jim Crow" laws. And that most shop owners would not hire blacks anyway.
    • 17/05/2002
    • 15:33:35
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  • Lord of the Flies

    the term "mob mentality" describes why the situation with ralph and jack got out of control without anyone realizing it. it explains why a group can get out of control so easily. Something should also be mentioned about how the boys, in a way, saw ralph as a pig to be killed. the essay does hit on some major themes. A little grammar check along with small changes in language usage would make this a quality paper. a better conclusion would also be helpful.
    • 10/05/2002
    • 01:03:26
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  • Cloning

    some statistics that would support the information in the first paragraph would make the paper a lot stronger. also a better transition between the last paragraph and the conclusion would help a lot. overall a decent paper
    • 09/05/2002
    • 17:46:29
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  • Abortion

    Because this is a persuasive essay and there are not to many statistics that can be used to support an opinion, perhaps more could be written about the effects abortion has on young women, both psychologically and physically. Since not all people are of the same opinion, try to effect others' by personal accounts of young women who were traumatized by getting an abortion. there are accounts easily available over the internet.
    • 09/05/2002
    • 17:36:32
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  • Background

    One part that should be stressed more is a leader's ability to accept people of different backgrounds. in our diversifying world, it is sometimes hard to accept things so different than what we are used to. overall the paper was well organized and well thought out.
    • 06/05/2002
    • 05:55:22
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  • Dehumanizing

    A good parrellel was drawn between both stories about the similarities in tactics that the police and the nazi's used. perhaps more detail could be given about what exactly the two authors felt in their own words. in "Night" Weisel writes quite a bit about how the prisoners themselves thought they were worthless. a good paper overall
    • 06/05/2002
    • 05:45:11
    • Score: 4 out of 5 people found this comment useful.
  • Psychological effects

    If this paper was for a psych class, it should contain more about what effects oral and physical hygeine does have on a person. Although some professors don't mind a little informality, this paper should have been proofread more carefully for small mistakes and to make sure it had better transitions.
    • 06/05/2002
    • 05:31:41
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