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Children should be brought up with love surrounding them. Not live in fear, and it is my job as a parent to protect my children, putting them before myself. Why is it that there are so many adults who cannot see this, and they let there children run round the streets from a very young age, because they are sat in the house either drinking or smoking and couldnt care less what there children are up to. What about the adults you see in the street shouting and swearing at their children, hitting them on the head, they didnt ask to be dragged up! Why do people like this have children in the first place? Is it because they just need to live off benefits all their life.

There are parents that cant even be bothered to get out of bed in a morning to take their children to school, parents that swear in front of their children, why i ask myself should they have to be brought up this way.

Whats wrong with love and understanding their children and giving them the best opportunities in life, why do they have to hurt them.