Chapter 27 of Catcher in the Rye. note: Only 26 chapters, this is a "epilogue"

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Chapter 27

I can't believe it, here i am again. A couple of weeks ago I was in here, it wasn't really my fault, and I'm a victim of circumstances. I don't really know what that means but I've always wanted to say it. You might be asking "You were doing so good, why are you back in that brummy place?" I'll tell you why... I'm surronded by a bunch of freaks and phonies, that's why. When I got back home there was a welcome home party. Everyone was there, Stradalater, Ackley, even Mr. Antolini was there. All smiles and hugs, that's what I had to go through for two hours straight. I knew when my back was turned they were all talking about me, phonies and freaks just like i said.

O.K., let me get back to how i ended back in here. Like the nice big brother i am i decided to bring Phoebe to the Radio MUsic Hall.

Guess who i ran into, ol' Maurice, I bet you remember him. Anyway when I saw ol' Maurice i kind of got crazy all of a sudden. I picked up an ice skate that was lying around and threw it at his head. It was great; he didn't know what hit him. He saw me and started chasing me and poor ole Phoebe. We ran and ran until we got home. A few hours later the police came knocking on out door. Boy, was my father angry. My father finally convinced the police officers that I wasn't a tghreat to anyone , i just had mental problems. He promised to send me back to the rest home as soon as possible. So here I am.

The people on the outside weren't even half as bad as the freaks in...