Area of Study - Change Write a journal entry about a point in time when you were conscious of your changing self.

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Dear Diary,

Today I noticed just how much I have changed in the last four years. It's amazing; I mean I have physically changed in the obvious sense. I have grown taller, my hair has grown longer, I am now in smaller clothes sizes and my body has changed form the body of a child to that of a women. Yet there is something else. Something I can not name, something in my belief that there is as of yet no word to explain. This something comes from within. Deep down, maybe it has something to do with your soul, but I really have no idea.

The thing is though these changes are not just physical they are mental as well. I now look at the world through educated eyes and can see the injustice in the world. Yet even now there are still many things that I can not understand nor even begin to comprehend.

Just yesterday I looked at my sister, she is eight months pregnant and I began to wonder about the child which resides in her womb. I could recall all the things that I had heard in science classes or even off the TV but none of them explain how a child begins. In that microsecond when the male and female join and the foetus has life, what miracle is this? Will I ever understand?

At the ripe age of sixteen I can and do look back to when I was twelve years of age and notice the difference. Just looking through the photo albums I can see this. In year seven I was chubby and looked like a little girl. Now I am a young woman - a young women who wants to improve the wrongs of the world, to make them right. Yet...