Religion - Is it the religious dimension of human beings that separates them from other forms of life?

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Is it the religious dimension of human beings that separates them from other forms of life?

Many people, scientists, ethicists, religious diplomats and archaeologists believe that religion - no matter the form, defines us as humans and separates us from the rest of the animal kingdom. It is in my belief that is partly true. From an archaeologist conclusions they also believe this contains some truth.

Archaeologists have discovered, while digging up the past, religious artefacts dating back to 700 000 BCE, it is from this evidence that the theory of humans being are separate from other life forms has evolved. The main concept upon which this theory was found is in a cave near Chou Kou Tien, China. Within this cave archaeologists found crushed skulls with the brain removed. It is believed that the Peking Human ate the brains of the deceased to take on the persona of the dead.

This is the earliest religious practice found so far.

Though this find was quite significant the first real substantial evidence come from 100 000 BCE and identifies a religious approach to life. The Neanderthal Human buries it dead, it a foetal position possiblable pointing to the fact that life repeats itself and that we are going back to the mother or back to where you came from before you entered this life, for they sent gifts along with the deceased.

As we reach 30 000 BCE we come to the Cro-Magnon Human who followed the Neanderthal Humans approach to religion but more sophisticated. Cro-Magnon would paint the body of the deceased with red ochre as a symbol of life. This again may point to a belief in the after life.

As we reach modern times the belief in religion is inter woven in to our every day lives...