Ouija Boards

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Ouija Boards

For those of you that do not know what a ouija board is, it is a device used to

supposedly ask questions of and receive answers from a seemingly supernatural force.

Using a ouija board has become a controversial subject. Some people regard them as

'evil' or a 'tool of the Devil', yet they continue to be sold in stores along Scrabble and

Monopoly as a game.

The Ouija board was invented in the early 1890's by William Fuld. It is now sold

by Parker Brothers. A ouija board is a small board with various symbols printed on its

surface. These symbols include all letters of the alphabet, the numbers 1 to 9 and 0, and

the words yes and no. A smaller board, shaped like a heart, called a planchette or pointer

is used to direct the answers.

Two or more people rest a Ouija board on their laps and press their fingers lightly

on the pointer.

One of them asks the board a question. The pointer supposedly answers by

indicating a word or a number or by spelling out words. According to people who believe

in the ouija board, spirits guide the pointer. Others think the fingers of the questioner

influence the pointer.

There are basic guidelines that should be followed for using Ouija boards. If any

of you are willing to try one you should check out some of the safe things to do to protect

yourself or anyone else from possible harm. As many people improvise a ouija board as a

game, it is always best to protect yourself. Where there is no protection from 'evil forces'

extremely frightening things can occur. Sinister messages can be spelt out, claimed to

come from the devil. As to prove that no one person is purposely...