Judiasm Vs. Christianity. Is There a Difference?

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What are the distinct differences between Judaism and Christianity? The foremost question that needs to be answered is in the person of Jesus. What is the Jewish attitude to Jesus Christ? Was He God, the Messiah? Do we worship the same God? First, the Sects of Judaism are briefly covered to show the difference between them and what unites them. Second, a comparison is made of the beliefs between Christianity and Judaism.

There are four different sects of Judaism. These sects are unified in their belief in one God and he works through historical events and God has chosen the Jews as His agents.

In Orthodox Judaism, the Jew accepts the Bible as the revealed will of God. They do not change their beliefs or way of living because it might be expedient. There is one Synagogue in Chattanooga that holds to the Orthodox faith of Judaism, which is the Beth Shalom Congregation.

The Reform or Liberal Jew accepts the moral laws of the Bible and the ceremonies that elevate their lives. Reform Jews do not follow Jewish customs that are not accepted in modern civilization. They depart from the traditional forms in their worship. Women have equal status in the synagogue.

Conservative Judaism usually follows traditional Judaism. However, the Conservative Jew will make adjustments to their beliefs or way of living as long as it is in accord with Judaism. The scope of women is broadened in religious life for the Conservative Jew. When attending the services at the B'nai Zion Congregation, which is considered Conservative, there was no segregation between men and women. Both lead in their ritual of reading Hebrew passages. There were some in attendance that appeared to be devout and others that appeared go just go through the motions just as in any...