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  • Employees Ownership

    Nice work! Great technical information organized & explained in layman's terms.I agree with johnjjp, however, that its a risky business to venture into buying the company shares you're working with. On different perspectives, however, if your company is among the few key players in its industry, the reverse is true. As an employee, you would have additional advantage of information on the latest developments and plans within the company. It is then just homework to project these into the charts and see if you find it worthwile investment. BTW, you can still opt out if you find the odds too high.
    • 16/04/2004
    • 01:24:44
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  • Short but well discussed

    I like this essay. Although being short one, it is straight to the point and the writing style is inspiring.My only thought is that, the subject is an great discussion, and could have been interesting if elaborated in more detail (than what the 437 words could supply).Also, proofreading the essay would have been good. There are some words missing, leaving the whole sentence hanging and incomprehensible. Takes two reads to get it.
    • 15/04/2004
    • 22:13:33
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  • Good summary

    Well written summary on Gandhi's life. An excerpt of Gandhi's autobiography, more like it.There is an error in the title:"Gandhi. about his contributations to society"I think what is meant:"Gandhi. about his contributions to society"But personally, I should say a more dominant portion of the essay discusses Gandhi's life events, and history. Probably would have suited better if titled:"Gandhi. India's Hero."
    • 15/04/2004
    • 21:52:11
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  • Superficial & repetitious

    The essay could do with more in-depth analysis of varied perspectives. Seems like the points discussed are restricted to types of education: formal, informal, and unformal througout the essay. How about other developments besides direct skills?Anyway, who is Broudy??
    • 14/04/2004
    • 09:52:44
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  • Good summary

    With no background of both the religions, I find this article clearly written and highlights the major differences between them. I appreciate the fact that the author has done good analysis and summarized his findings which eases digestion, rather than dumping entire factual information on both the religion. It may not be too much in detail, but its good for the beginning.
    • 14/04/2004
    • 09:34:16
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  • Well diversified observation and analysis

    It shows author's ability to examine the material or question at hand from different perspectives. If I may comment, I think there is still room for improvement. The author needs be more specific in certain parts, and remove chances of ambiguity. For ex:"Unemployment is less noticeable through a college education. The rate of unemployment was less than half of the rate of people with a high school diploma. "The paragraph above is vaguely cited, and leaves too much room for imagination. Being straight with the numbers would have helped here.In addition to the points discussed, I wish to add that college education brings oneself to appreciate cultural differences in the society. Different lifestyles cause students to draw their social boundaries in different ways. Values that one person may hold highly, may be immaterial to another. Such as the saying, "One man's food is another mans poison". It is when transgressing these tacit rules, that great misunderstandings and abuse of relationships occur.All in all, this is a good piece of essay and I would certainly recommend it for anybody's reading pleasure.
    • 12/04/2004
    • 03:40:30
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