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  • Web kinks

    Here are some links that I found some helpful information about drugs. There also is a guide to help you stay off
    • 13/04/2004
    • 12:31:03
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  • Informative

    This essay was very enlightening. I enjoyed reading it ands was facinated to learn that women had such an important role in the war.
    • 13/04/2004
    • 08:42:14
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  • Character traits

    You did a very good job listing the character traits of Charlie. I love this play, I performed it in High School.
    • 13/04/2004
    • 01:14:43
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  • Shock

    This essay was a shock. I had no idea about most of these drugs before I read your essay. It was wonderful.
    • 13/04/2004
    • 01:10:03
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  • Information

    This essay was very interesting, it was full of alot of information that I feel is important and that I could share with others.
    • 12/04/2004
    • 23:55:54
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  • Your opinion

    Sometimes when you add to much of your opinion to a paper it seems like it could offend some readers, for example if my history teacher had read that he would have given me a zero, simply because the paper is one sided and judgemental. Also your grammer and spelling need to be corrected.
    • 12/04/2004
    • 23:48:01
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