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Heroin is one of the most deadly drugs out in the streets today. Maybe people use heroin once a day, or whenever they have enough money. Heroin wasn't meant to bring harm to anyone, it was just a medicine for patients in a hospital. Then the drug got to popular and made it out into the streets where many people abuse it. (Woods, 42)

In the year 1898, a scientist working at a German drug company called Bayer tried to make a pain killer twenty times stronger then morphine. He succeeded, and called this new drug 'heroin', which is a German word that means powerful. Many scientist and people were afraid of the drug because they thought it might have been bad for you. So about forty scientists studied heroin from the year 1898 and 1905. Not one of those scientist could find anything bad with it, they didn't even find out that it was addictive.

(Woods, 12)

People use this drug to 'feel better'. Since the 1960s, many more people wanted to feel better by using this drug. About 1,799,000 males have said that they use heroin more then once. 854,000 females have said they had used it more then once. One time using heroin can, and most likely will lead to an addiction. Heroin users will rob, and even kill to get the money needed to buy the drug. People who use heroin not only threaten themselves, but their whole community. (Snyder, 71)

Heroin comes from the opium poppy plant called Papaver somiferum. Papaver somiferum means 'the poppy that brings sleep". Opium was found 5,000 years ago and still is being used in the medicines we have today. Its first stage is 'freezing' a person. When a person is in the first stage, it could be 90 degrees...