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Analysis of the character of the main protagonist, Charlie Gordon, in the beginning of the novel entitled Flowers for Algernon, shows a complicated person with interesting personality and physical characteristics. He is a thirty-two year old man who is mentally retarded. He has difficulty spelling and using correct grammar and understanding a lot of what is happening to him. However, he is also a very determined individual. He wants to try to change. He hopes to become more intelligent and to be able to solve problems. For example, he kept on trying to beat Algernon, the smart mouse, in the maze race. I also learned early in the novel that Charlie is honest. He said that he would not make up lies about people. But, that sometimes means that Charlie is not very imaginative or able to fantasize. He can't think of something if it is not the absolute truth.

He is a very trusting person, who does not steal or do unlawful actions. Charlie feels frustrated because he feels excluded by other people. He wants to fit in. He said, "I want to be smart so I can have lots of friends." Charlie is also forgetful. He told Dr Strauss that he did not remember how he found the Beekman School. He is very friendly and kind toward other people. He never yells at people or gets mad at them. No matter what happens, Charlie is highly motivated. He really wants to learn new information and skills. In summary, I think that Charlie is a good man who is easy to get to know and like.