Davinci's The Last Supper

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Jesus: The great prophet, our humble saviour, leader of many, husband of one? Millions of devout Christians pray everyday, continuing a millennia-old tradition. Their pleas of forgiveness and cries of thankfulness are spurred on by the teachings of priests, cardinals and bishops. All of these actions are occurring in the sanction of blind faith. The most appalling condition supported by the church is their refusal to acknowledge the importance of woman. One of the most sought for items in history is the elusive ?holy grail?.

The Holy Grail is supposed to be the chalice which blessed the table of Jesus Christ?s last supper. This chalice was supposed to be filled with wine, wine to represent the blood of Christ, which his disciples drank from to represent their undying faith, and their hope to continue his quest. The most widely accepted depiction of this supper was created by a famous artist named Leonardo Da Vinci.

Da Vinci was hired by the Christian church to create this painting, and the results were praised by all. The painting has some incredibly interesting aspects - aspects which can change forever a person?s outlook on the truth behind the grail. Two remarkable aspects of the painting include; a complete lack of drinking vessels (as well as a strangely feminine disciple to the right of Jesus) and an unaccountable hand. These two abstractions completely contradict what are accepted as modern day interpretations of the last supper.

Jesus sat down to supper with his 12 disciples for their last meal. They all drank wine, ate bread and celebrated Jesus accomplishments. Startlingly enough, there appears to be an absence of wine glasses, chalices, cups, or anything resembling a drinking vessel in the painting. Where is the great golden chalice from which Jesus drank, the sought after chalice...