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Charles Darwin, made popular for his beliefs of evolution and Natural Selection, was a British naturalist whose theories changed peoples beliefs forever. One of his more interesting theories (most of them are) is that for each insect, there was a specific plant that evolved for it. These two beings would be perfect for each other and the insect would be attracted to it, it's very interesting. For those who don't know what natural selection is, it's basically only the strong survive, survival of the fittest, that type of deal.

The most famous of all that Darwin was his trip to Galapagos Island or the "Beagle Voyage", which is where he conducted most of his research that led into his evolution theories. There, he witnessed many different types of animals and plants and their relationship with their surrounding and each other.

A huge part of Darwin being famous is that within church boundaries, he's infamous because the Bible teaches that we were created by God, but he argues that we evolved from monkeys, who evolved from other things, such as fish.

An ironic side note is that when Darwin was younger, he either wanted to be a country parson or clergyman. However, many people supported his works and followed it, as if it was a religion. Some even applied his theories of evolution to modern society, hoping it would give an explanation for some actions taken by people.

Today, we still have opposing beliefs on Darwin and his beliefs. Many religious people feel that he's wrong still, while many atheists and agnostics believe in that, which is odd, because even his theories aren't foolproof, and too many people think that there aren't any errors in these theories. I think that without Charles Darwin, our society wouldn't be where...