A hypothetical business plan for a hypothetical business (shoe store).

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Business Studies

Assessment task 3: Hypothetical business plan

Name: M.Goonetilleke

Teacher: Mr. Vrilic

Executive Summary

"Kustom Kicks" is run by James Lowie and is reputable of being honest, reliable and trustworthy. The business was incorporated in Sydney, NSW 2003.

"Kustom Kicks" exists as a business with minimal competitive advantage based on being the only supplier of branded shoes around its vicinity, however has not been relatively profitable.

The company distributes and vends high quality branded footwear. The company has 10 employees 4 permanent positions and 6 retail assistants that are hired on a casual/ part time basis.

"Kustom Kicks" has developed an adequate reputation as a supplier of footwear around the South West premises of Sydney.

This business plan has enabled "Kustom Kicks" to see what business the company is in and where it is headed.

Business Description and Ownership

"Kustom Kicks" has been reputable for nearly 3 years where the date of establishment was exactly on the 20th of July 2003.

As the name implies, "Kustom Kicks" specialises in footwear, where it retails other branded shoes for the convenience of their customers.

" Kustom Kicks" is a retail trade, which is a part of the tertiary sector. It is a small business and so contributes to more than 95% of the private sector, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

The products include the top of the range sports and casuals, to, toddlers and adults footwear produced by popular brands such as Nike, Adidas, Royal Elastics and Windsor Smiths. The business tries the best they can to cater for the whole of their mass market. "Kustom Kicks" rely on their good will of exceptional customer service in attracting loyal customers.

The business is located in the quiet, yet, rapidly increasing population of Carnes Hill in a small...