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It is obvious enough circumstance that gone ХХ and coming ХХI century are the epoch of embodiment of the so-called "American idea". One of the superpowers-the USSR suffered a crushing defeat in the confrontation with American values, the bipolar structure of the world order was destroyed, leaving the modern society with a lot of questions: how will the world look like in the future, whether the United States can take on the role of an arbitrator, what is the role and mission of Russia in the new geopolitical balance.

America profited from World War II and became the strongest economic, military and political power. The USA successful foreign policy, breakthroughs in science and the dominating economy have turned it into the most powerful enclave, which spreads its influence around the world, using foremost technologies and knowledge.

United States had at least an illusion of having a forehand in almost all spheres of public life, in foreign policy, rapid progress in the development of the vast North American continent, fast development of cutting-edge industry and agriculture, unprecedented improving of the material welfare of the majority of the population of the states in the history and mostly the swift achievement of the status of one of the world's major powers have increased the belief in the special destiny of America above the fates of other countries and peoples.

The idea of this special mission the "manifest destiny" of America, the main content of which is in the promise of freedom, democracy, wealth, etc. not only to Americans, but to other people in the most remote corners of the world, if they agree to accept American values and superiority.

This idea of "Manifest destiny" of American century has undergone periods of rise and fall. However, as an idea, an attractive and reasonable...